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Indeed, the Etort port was where Faylos was located. Berthas felt a twinge of irritation at the sound of Faylos’s cheerful voice.

“Speak properly. She is the Empress of this nation.”

—You’re one to talk. What has upset my friend so much? Is it because Isillis is joining the war?”

“How did you know?”

—How do I know? You seem to underestimate the extent of the wizards’ communication network.

It was a decision made just moments ago, yet the news had already reached Faylos.

—It’s not often she visits her parents’ home. That’s why everyone is excited.

“War isn’t something to take lightly.”

—I know, but Isillis is different, isn’t she?

Berthas fell silent at Faylos’s words. He knew it all too well, which was exactly why he disliked it even more. Isillis had too much to bear. Larchen was a strange nation, dependent on Isillis’s magic.

What would become of Larchen without her?

The sudden thought made Berthas shake his head. It was absurd even to consider it.

‘Where would Isillis go?’

“Still, one must always be careful.”

—That’s true. Plus, if Isillis comes, it’ll be nice to see her after so long.”

“I trust you with her.”

—Even if you didn’t say it, I would take care of her. She’s my cousin, after all.

Faylos was saying something, though it didn’t reach Berthas’ ears. It was because he sensed Isillis’s presence behind him. Hastily tidying up the communication stone, he turned to find her smiling at him.


“He contacted, he somehow knew.”

“Don’t worry. He’s there too, isn’t he?”

Berthas pulled Isillis closer, right in front of him.

“Aren’t people watching?”

“Didn’t you say an Empress should be shameless?”

They were in the palace corridor, frequented by nobles, so he raised his voice at her. Noticing his mood, Isillis gave him an apologetic look.

Berthas furrowed his brows.

“Didn’t you say I didn’t have to do that?”

Berthas whispered into Isillis’s ear, to which she gave a bitter smile.

“It doesn’t matter to me if you’re the Empress, Isillis. You’re a woman to me.”


“So, will you come to me tonight?”

“We’re sharing a bedroom, and yet you talk nonsense.”

At her soft voice, Berthas smiled.

Even these whispered secrets that were shown only to him were lovely. The thought of sending such a delicate person to the battlefield…

Still harboring his worrisome thoughts, he hung a necklace around her neck. It was the necklace that had been on Erica. He had borrowed it after promising to secretly give his daughter candy in return.

“Isn’t this Erica’s?”

“I hope you’ll wear it until you return from the battlefield. Your Majesty.”

Berthas bowed as he spoke to Isillis. Watching her accept the necklace, unable to refuse, he smiled brightly. He couldn’t hide his anxious heart, but it was beyond his control.

‘If she just put this on…’

He held back the rest of his thought, watching Isillis fiddle with the necklace. Her face, blushing as she looked at him, was beautiful.

‘I wish I could kiss her, but it’s impossible here.’

There were too many prying eyes. The news that the Empress herself was heading to the battlefield had drawn nobles to the palace, and the corridors were bustling with them. Even now, the nobles were waiting for a chance to speak with Isillis, who was with Berthas.

However, her gaze was firmly on him, ignoring the others. Savoring this peculiar satisfaction, Berthas reached out his hand to her.

“May I have the honor of escorting you, Your Majesty?”

“Of course.”

She rested her delicate fingers lightly upon his hand, and Berthas, holding her hand firmly, walked beside her.

With each step they took, the nobles bowed respectfully.


* * *


“Why would the Maritime Empire come here?”

In the audience chamber, Isillis asked Allure the questions she hadn’t had the chance to ask earlier.

“According to the news from Etort port, something is odd.”


“Yes, Your Majesty. They are protesting, claiming that the magic tools imported from Larchen are not functioning properly.”



The magic tools exported by Larchen were functioning properly. They had all been checked at the port before being taken away, but now they were claiming the devices were not working and had brought their troops.

“They must be out of their minds.”

“I think so, too.”

“Nothing good comes from being hostile towards Larchen.”

“It doesn’t seem like they want to completely turn against us. It feels like they just want to talk and see Your Majesty face to face.”



The information from Faylos matched. Isillis was already aware of everything. It was just that she was waiting for the Maritime Empire’s admiral’s request for her to come, as Faylos had mentioned.

And now, they have mobilized their troops.

What did they need her for? Isillis closed her eyes, remembering the face of the Maritime admiral she had seen as a child.

The Maritime Empire. Iphaf. Etort, the port city, always reminded her of that place. The place her father had crossed over to hide. She was curious. Would it still be the same as when she was a child? Or has it changed a bit? If Larchen had changed this much, that place must have changed as well.


As she pondered, Allure spoke up.

“It might be best not to go.”


“If there were an issue, the Maritime Empire could come here. Their insistence on drawing Your Majesty out to sea is suspicious.”


Allure’s words gave the war a different weight. Isillis nodded, acknowledging that Allure had pinpointed exactly what she was thinking.

“In case you did decide to go to your parental home…”

Allure trailed off, unable to complete his sentence. Isillis smiled.

“Berthas said the same, and now you too.”

“I always worry about Your Majesty’s well-being, especially in times of war like this. Your Majesty, you know that Larchen cannot function without you.”

“That’s true.”

“That’s why the previous emperors rarely participated in wars. But how many times have you done it, Your Majesty? If you go this time, it will nearly be the tenth time. It would be better to stay in the palace this time.”

Isillis pondered Allure’s words.

What should she do? No emperor would wish to leave their homeland. It was disconcerting to leave her beloved daughter and Berthas, who was so worried about her, and go to the battlefield.

But it seemed she had no choice. The issue was that the location was the Etort port, a place where other wizards couldn’t properly use their magic. She was the only one who could utilize her magic there. And knowing this fact, the Maritime Empire had targeted that location.

‘…I have to go.’

She needed to see for herself what was happening. Having made up her mind, Isillis addressed Allure.


Allure bowed his head as Isillis called his name.

“Your orders, Your Majesty?”

“I have to join this war too.”

“Your Majesty, that is—!”

“If the location weren’t Etort port, there would be no need for me to go. But since it is, that’s the problem. So, I have to go and see for myself.”

“I will do…as you wish…”