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“There’s someone I’d like Priestess Leah to help.”

[ I’m no longer a priestess, so please call me Leah. Please speak comfortably. Can I also call you Karentina? ]

“Of course. Leah.”

Everything was falling into place perfectly.



̊ · : * ✧* : · ̊



As she entered Stella’s room, the cool air brushed against her skin. Stella’s complexion remained pale as she slept helplessly from the unrelenting fever.

“Welcome, Young Lady Karentina.”

Gemma greeted her with a tired face.

“How is Her Highness? What about the physician?”

A dark cloud appeared on Gemma’s face as she shook her head.

“They still don’t know the exact illness, but Joseph is preparing to go see His Highness the Crown Prince.”

Karentina’s eyes widened at Gemma’s words. Despite the fact that she wasn’t familiar with the geography of the North, it would be too dangerous to go to the place where the beasts were alone.

‘We needed to hurry and treat Stella’s illness. To do that…’

“I’ll watch over the Princess. Gemma, you should take a break and come back.”

Even Gemma also looked worn out, with dark circles under her eyes extending to her jawline. After hesitating for a moment, she let out a short sigh and finally asked for help.

“Thank you very much. I won’t forget this kindness and will convey it to His Highness.”

Karentina, who didn’t want to get involved with Ignis, only nodded soullessly.

“Then, I’ll accept your help.”

After Gemma left, Karentina gently placed Leah, who had been in her arms, next to Stella.

“Leah, could you examine the Princess’s condition? Neither the physician nor the priest can determine the name of the disease.”

Leah placed her soft hand on Stella’s forehead and began to examine her complexion. Soon, as she used her divine power over Stella’s body, a bright white light radiated vividly.

[ This illness is called ‘Lectio’. ]


Leah, who had perked up one ear, flopped down beside Stella.

[ Her body rejected the motion sickness medicine she took before using the teleportation magic. It’s a very rare side effect. It’s a disease that disappeared decades ago and can only be confirmed in ancient books, so doctors and priests wouldn’t have known about it. ]

“Can it be cured?”

[ Of course! ]

Karentina breathed a sigh of relief as she saw Leah full of confidence.

[ If she takes an herb called ‘Crumbell,’ she’ll get better. ]

Leah carefully examined Stella’s condition and perked her ears up again.

“Zion, bring the physician now and get the herb called Crumbell.”


Karentina didn’t even notice Zion leaving as she continued to observe Stella’s condition.

[ Ginger is good for Lectio, so steeping it lightly and drinking it like water will help with her recovery. ]

“Thank you, Leah.”

Karentina, who had gained tremendous ability, held Leah tightly in her arms. Leah, who had stiffened, covered her face with her fluffy hand.

[ I…I can’t believe I actually still have the ability to do that. Does it mean that God still thinks I’m useful? ]

“Of course.”

[ I’m so excited to be able to help you, Karentina. ]

Karentina couldn’t help but let out a laugh as the cute rabbit doll stamped its feet.