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“Are you thirsty? Can I get you some water?”

“I’m fine.”

“Do you like candy?”

The man in the knight’s uniform asked kindly with a smile, even after my refusal.

“Eating candy makes me feel better.”

Sugar candies were truly expensive treats that I rarely got to enjoy, even when I served as a maid to Viscountess Mallon.

But why would he offer them so readily to me, someone he had just met?

“He must be incredibly kind or equally wealthy.”

Or perhaps both.

If I were an ordinary child, I might have gladly accepted the man’s kindness and taken the candy.

But for me, the situation was unfamiliar, even uncomfortable.

“Really, I’m… grateful.”

Just as I was about to refuse, Lux’ voice rang out, urging me to accept the candy.

“Thank you.”

As I opened my mouth to refuse, I received the candy from the man, who left after patting me on the shoulder and moving on.

As I watched him walk away, I absentmindedly fiddled with the candy wrapper.

Despite the pleasant sound and feel of the wrapper, my apprehension had not subsided.

“I thought I was in big trouble earlier…”

I reviewed the moment I had just escaped.

How startled I was at the sudden voice, thinking it was someone from the auction house!

Fortunately, the people who found me were not from the auction house, but knights from the Belroc Family.

They showed me a crescent moon and flower emblem and assured me that they were not bad people.

They said they would take me to the other children who had escaped from the auction house.

I didn’t know if they told the truth, because I didn’t recognize the Grand Duchy’s emblem.

But rather than flee immediately, it seemed better to pretend to trust them and wait for a chance to escape, so I followed them for now.

And now I found myself in a similar situation as before.

“Give me candy! Candy, please!”

“But what’s candy?”

“It’s very sweet and delicious, please!”

“Is it?”

Following Lux’ lead, the Siberian flying squirrel looked at the candy in my hand with shining eyes.

The attention of her black pupils made me feel slightly uncomfortable.

“Can we really eat this?”

Although I had agreed to receive the candy, I hesitated to give it.

“Of course we can! You’d be surprised how much candy I’ve eaten, please!”

“Really? How much have you eaten?”

“I ate so much I can’t count! There were so many where I used to be, please.”

“Where you used to be, you mean the orphanage?”

Sweets would be hard to get and expensive. Were you in the orphanage?

“Maybe? They were always on the desk where the fake blonde lady sat, please.”

‘So they were talking about the director of the orphanage.’

Finally, some memories began to surface. The orphanage director liked candy and always kept it on her desk.

Some children were caught stealing and were scolded.

“Give me candy! Candy, please!”

“All right. Just wait a minute.”

At Lux’ urging, I pushed my thoughts aside.

Since I was already outside, there was no need to dwell on this place.

I crushed the candy on the nearby rock a few times and then tore open the wrapper, revealing shattered pieces of candy.

“Here, have some.”

As soon as I offered the pieces to Lux and the Siberian Flying Squirrel, they both rushed to grab them.

“It’s so delicious! How can something be so tasty…!”

“Isn’t it? I’m not lying.”

“It feels like stars are dancing in my mouth!”

Lux and the Siberian Flying Squirrel eagerly licked the pieces of candy.

“Aren’t you going to eat, Annie?”

“I’m fine.”

I tilted my head slightly and said quietly,

“When you’re done eating, let me know. We’ll run away again.”



Lux and the Siberian flying squirrel stopped licking candy at my words and looked at me curiously.

“Why run away? These people are good, aren’t they?”

“Yes! They gave us candy, they seem like nice people?”

“Normally that’s true.”

But should I say that the circumstances are different now?

It felt like they were looking for me from the beginning.

It’s not like they saw me and said, “There she is!” And besides, they said they were Knights of the Belroc Family.

The only person who could give them such an order would be the Grand Duke Belroc.

Why would the infamous Grand Duke bother to find me?

“The reason is obvious.”

Either the necklace I gave him was wrong, or maybe he thought I was a nuisance and should be killed.

“I shouldn’t have bothered to help.”

I didn’t expect him to be grateful that I stopped him and helped him.

Still, I felt betrayed because I didn’t know he would repay me like this.

I had no words to describe these feelings, but…

One thing was certain: I had to get away before the Grand Duke arrived.

Far enough so that he couldn’t catch me.

“With so many children here, they might not even notice if one goes missing, right?”

The knights didn’t look at me now. This was my chance.

“Lux, get in my sleeve.”

“You really want to run away?”


Without saying more, Lux stepped into my sleeve. Then I reached out for the Siberian Flying Squirrel.

“Will you come, too?”

“Will you not come with me? If you don’t, I can’t do anything.”

“No way! I don’t mind!”

The Siberian Flying Squirrel quickly jumped onto my arm.

“Okay, let’s go quietly now.”

Making as little noise as possible, I backed away slowly, then turned quickly when we reached a thicket where we wouldn’t be noticed.

“Hey, Pinky!”

At the voice from behind me, I turned to see a group of boys and girls standing there.

“Pinky? Are you talking to me?”

Of course, my hair was a light pink, but…

Still, it was pretty annoying to be called that.

“Is she the one?”

“Yeah, that’s her.”

While I remained silent, the children whispered to each other.

Most of their faces were unfamiliar, but among them was the boy I couldn’t ignore who had made me give him the key.

The tallest boy with the wildest face approached and asked,

“Why did you just leave earlier?”

“Just leave?”

“I mean before! When we were all trapped in there!”

“Yes! You tried to go alone!”

“You tried to leave us behind!”

Their complaints poured out, and I closed my mouth.

I wanted to argue back, but my conscience held me back.

Some of what they were saying was true.

If it hadn’t been for the boy who made me feel guilty all the way to our return, I would have run away alone.


“This garbage!”


I was about to apologize sincerely, but a stone flew at me.

Luckily, it narrowly missed me and instead hit a tree behind me.

‘Did they just try to hit me?’

The thought of almost getting hit made my heart sink.

“What did they just do? Did they throw that?”

“Don’t bother my friend squeak!”

The Siberian Flying Squirrel and Lux seemed angry, but the kids picked up rocks and dirt as if they were going to throw things at me again.

Seeing their actions, I quickly grabbed Lux and the Siberian flying squirrel and ran away.

I could take being hit if I was unlucky, but I was afraid that Lux and the Siberian flying squirrel, who were smaller than me, might get hurt.

“Where should I go?”

Where could I go to avoid them?

Not knowing the geography of this place, I ran away blindly. It was a frantic escape.


My face hit something hard.

In an instant, I lost my balance and fell flat on my backside.

“Ow, ow…”

“Annie, are you okay?”

“Hey, are you alright?”

“I’m… fine…”

I answered absent-mindedly, but I couldn’t finish my sentence.

Grand Duke Belroc looked down at me with his characteristic indifferent red eyes.

“G-Grand Duke Belroc?”

I was startled.

Why, why was the Grand Duke here? How did he find me?

My eyelids trembled.

Holding Lux and the Siberian Flying Squirrel tightly, I communicated my inner thoughts.

‘Please be quiet for a moment.’

Fortunately, they didn’t make a sound and snuggled quietly in my arms.

“Hey, you…”


A stone thrown from behind hit the Grand Duke’s face and fell to the ground.

A small scratch appeared on the Grand Duke’s clean cheek.