Despite Being An Extra, I’m The Villain’s Childhood Friend

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She reincarnated as an extra who lived in a village where the villain was recuperating.

Even though she was only an extra, she managed to get entangled with Robert, the villain, despite her best efforts to keep a low profile.

It was obvious that she should keep her distance from the boy who would become the underworld’s boss in the future, but… she turned a blind eye to that fact because his childhood years were too pitiful.

“You hate me too?”

“No way. How could that be?”

When Izeline stated that, she was completely unaware of the strange look in his eyes.

That was something she shouldn’t have done at that time.

Robert shoved her against the alley wall, where only a sliver of light leaked in. He exuded a sense of danger and menace, and she felt threatened like prey.

“If you ever thought of wanting to get away from me… you’d better throw away that thought.”

“Why are you like this? Aren’t we friends?”


An odd and eerie smile appeared on his face. Most people would freeze seeing that eerie smile, but that wasn’t the case for Izeline.

“What about the time when I was scared at night and you put me to sleep, fed me snacks, and even took a bath together?”


“Did you forget the time you begged me to kiss you? Can you do that again?”


There was a resounding silence. When Izeline opened her mouth, the smooth texture of a tongue entered her mouth.

Her heart reacted strangely to that.