I Can See Your Hidden Emotions

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“I can’t live like this anymore!”

An arranged marriage that has been going on for two years.

I was tired of being ignored and mistreated as if I had bought this marriage with money.

Since I have received a tremendous inheritance from my grandfather, I will enjoy a glamorous, single life!

With that mindset, I confidently handed my husband divorce papers.


“Divorce is absolutely not possible.”

‘Why is he behaving like this when I thought he was on someone else’s side?’

The moment my curiosity about my husband’s true feelings arose, I began to see his inner emotions.

And in a very strange way…

“Are you okay?”

〈 Σ(゚ロ、゚;) 〉

‘Aren’t my husband’s true feelings weird?’

‘Does he really dislike me? Or perhaps…’

〈 (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ 〉

Could it be that he actually likes me?