I Gifted My Husband To My Younger Sister

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“It looks like that stupid chamberlain found the letter.”

That was the first thing her husband said after she caught his adultery.

A piece of trash with a kind face who played around with Belissa’s younger sister.

“It’s fate that Eleanor will give birth to the child who will succeed us.”

“Go and die, Frederick.”

With a lost child and a ruined body, the imprisoned Belissa had only one choice she could make:

Turn back time.

“Eleanor is so happy to have Elder Sister!”

‘Now it’s your turn, you pest!’

Belissa made a vow in front of her younger sister, Eleanor, whom she met as soon as she opened her eyes.

‘I will send these bastards to hell.’

“A princess’ most important use is not such trivial things.”

“What do you mean…”

“Being able to screw up the trash-like imperial family is the most important and useful thing.”

She decided to join hands with the man who hated the royal family the most—Grand Duke Lucian.