Marriage With A Suspiciously Demure Husband

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“Tell me.”


“Tell me that you love me.”

Hazel’s love life was smooth sailing. Sure, she possessed a supporting character’s body, but things went smoothly and she met her ideal man—handsome, good at cooking, friendly, and demure. While at night, he became a wild beast…

However, she soon finds out that his real name is Kairos Hadid?

…The final villain she swindled?!

“I love you.”

She was nervous and afraid he would find out about her change of heart. Soon, the distance between them shortened, and their lips touched each other.

She could only hold back and close her eyes while planning a perfect divorce.


* * *


“Hey, Noah, the thing I mentioned last time…”

“I hope the word that comes out of my darling’s mouth isn’t divorce. I don’t want to let you live on the bed forever.”

At those words, she quietly closed her mouth after seeing her villainous husband’s eyes that seemed to be throwing daggers.