I Returned And Gained A Son

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Grand Duke Glentino, the brother of my late fiancé, came to see me.
With a child he claims is mine.

“Let’s get married.”
“…Excuse me?!”
“Shouldn’t we raise the child?”

When I rejected the Duke’s sudden proposal,

“Look here, my lady. I am a hundred times more handsome than the Crown Prince.”
I’m not interested in the position of Empress anymore, thank you very much.

“If you want, I can get you a more skilled assassin.”
I stopped trying to assassinate my brother!

“If you wish to become the ruling empress, you’ll have to make me the Emperor, my lady…”
“Don’t talk nonsense!”

I have no intention of committing treason!

“Of course, with me around, you cannot become the emperor. If I give up my right to the throne-”
“Of course, Dad. That’s how it should be.”
Now, even my son! This is crazy!

“Fine, let’s get married.”

But only for a year.

And so began the trial version of my life as the Duke’s wife.
This is the story of a former villainess who returned, gaining a fox-like husband and a rabbit-like son.