Thank You For The Confinement, Grand Duke!

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Chaperil, the female lead of an R-rated, depraved, male-oriented novel. She was kidnapped, imprisoned, and severely punished every time she tried to escape.

“…Is it true? Did I really possess this place? This is totally…”


Dear Almighty God, I’ve never believed in you, but thank you!

In fact, why was this situation of being caught and imprisoned by the crazy lead of the R-rated, depraved, male-oriented novel my heaven? Maybe this was some sort of community writing, virtual reality or whatever, but I’m abso-f*cking-lutely up for this!

But, well.

Wasn’t this a bit different from real life? What was more to say? Feed me, put me to bed, clean me up… I don’t have to earn money!

“What better heaven could there be other than this?!”

The male lead in this novel wants only two things from the female lead.

…One, to not leave the room.
..Two, to drink sweet-smelling tea every day.

Just keep doing those two things, and he wouldn’t put a hand on the female lead’s body. So, there was only one thing I could do…

“I don’t know.”

Just smile and repeat, ‘I don’t know’!