It Was A Wrong Marriage From The Beginning

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Just before becoming the seventh wife of an old-aging marquis who had devoured his previous six wives, her first love, Raiden, returned.
After waiting tirelessly for five years, now, only happiness seemed to lie ahead.
Raiden paid off her stepfather’s debts and became a loving partner again, even proposing to Ana.

But why did she feel uneasy? It was barely noticeable, but what could the chilly glint in his eyes mean?
He still loves her… right?

“People’s hearts… they change easily. You understand that, don’t you, my lady? You were smiling so brightly at your engagement ceremony with Young Lord Haimel.”

He had changed. Raiden now tormented Ana, he enacted punishment. To him, Ana was nothing but a sinner.

“Raiden… you weren’t like this.”
“That’s right. The me from the past used to be affectionate and gentle… I would have even died for you, as you put it.”
“That’s why it turned out this way.”
“Remember this. I have no intention of repeating the same foolish mistakes.”

She tried her hardest to dispel his misunderstandings and regain his trust, but it was in vain.

‘I thought I owed you. But if it’s true that you ruined our family, the fate between us has already been settled.’

In order to break the chain of ill fate, she faked her death and fled from his side.
And finally, when Raiden discovered the truth, he came looking for her, collapsing at her feet and crying.

“I will keep trying until your heart opens up, my lady. Can’t you give me one more chance?”
“Is that… possible through just effort?”

“From the beginning… we shouldn’t have met. We should have never married.”