My Contract Husband Is Going Crazy Because Of My Iron Wall

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I have become an extra who was killed in a contract marriage novel. Wanting to survive, I borrowed the role of the female lead and proposed a contract marriage to the male lead.


The problem is, I get infatuated easily so I added a contract clause on my own.


[ Reinhardt Erestain actively cooperates not to seduce Irovel Hoover. ]


“What if you look at me with that handsome face of yours, and I fall for you? Don’t look at me. Did you make an effort to become uglier?” 


“I’m sorry. I’m trying my best.”


I feel like I’m being stared at like a marked target by the people around me. Maybe it’s just my feeling…?


After the contract period expired, the female lead eventually appeared. I needed to return the borrowed male lead to the female lead now, so I handed my husband the expired contract and tried to leave.


“Where are you going after teasing me for a year?”


“Teasing? What are you talking about?”


“You put a rule on not seducing me, but you actually seduced me to your heart’s content.”


When did I seduce you? I only set up a wall! As my husband looked at me with a puzzled expression, he pressed his lips with a heated gaze.


“Now that the contract has expired, it’s time for you to be seduced, my wife.”