In A Doomed Ending, The Villainess Chooses To Live

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If I transmigrate, why on earth should it have to be in a ‘doomed ending’ setting?!

[Regressor Of A Wrecked World]

Reading “ROWW,” ranked first among fantasy genre novels, felt kind of like infidelity. But I had grown tired of the same repetitive plot lines and clichéd parenting stories.

Anyway, I shouldn’t have felt that way.

‘Because I suddenly possessed someone?! And even more, I became Kiana, the villainess who’s dancing on top of a bunch of death flags!’

“Follow the family rules; devour each other.”

Survival of the fittest.

The law of the jungle.

A mad family that enforces fierce competition between half-siblings for the title of the sole perfect successor. A relentless power struggle to steal the ability only manifested in the Brunak bloodline.

‘Aaah… thanks to the unexpected possession half a year earlier than the original, I don’t have to endure this successor competition.

‘But what about the male lead’s death flag on me? And the doomed ending?

‘Gosh… it seems like I’ll die even before the original story begins.’

“No! How many Isekai novels have I read?! Can’t I just use my knowledge of the original?”

First, I tried to convince Evan, who’s my half-brother and an extra character, to escape from the family… But what? You won’t run away? All of a sudden?

Now that things have turned out this way, I should at least prepare for a survival artifact in advance…

Wait, why is the male lead, who’s supposed to kill me, here?

No, wait. Why aren’t things working out properly for me?!