The Male Lead’s Sickly Aide Is My Type

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I possessed the body of a villainess who was obsessed with the male lead.
However, the male lead’s aide is absolutely my typeㅡa young man with glasses and a pale complexion.

…Alright, he has to be mine!

Still, it’s not easy to seduce this man…

“Our relationship won’t affect the Duke and Princess’ relationship.”

What are you saying?! My feelings for you are pure.

“Even if you mean it, I’m not interested in you. I’d like to decline if you’re not serious and fickle.”

But I really, really like you…!

“What’s wrong with you?”
“You don’t want me to care for you?”

Do you think I would give up on you?

No way.

I would save his life somehow, even when the author wants him to die.
I’m going to save him, seduce him, and make him mine.

Just wait and see!

You’ll live a long and healthy life with me…!

Will Carinne have a sweet and happy ending by saving her favorite character?
This is Carinne’s sweet struggle for love!