Love, As Deadly As Death

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“…Are you telling me to die?”

“Even if you die, your child will live as they wish, so isn’t it a profitable business? In addition, you get revenge on those who have shaken your life.”

The Emperor of Escliffe, Ivan Wade Escliffe, smiled faintly. His large hands were just warm and soft as they stroked the small face, unlike the coldness that mocks the heart of a mother begging for her child’s life.

“Devilish human. I hate you. Now, really…”

“To hate when your life is full of lies.”

Ivan whispered sweetly. Tears distorted by sadness, hatred, contempt, and self-destruction fell to the floor.

“I shouldn’t have met you…”

“It would have been better if you weren’t in this world.”

Two hundred years ago, God sent Amelia, a priestess with black hair and black eyes, to the Empire. She is a divine being who neither ages nor dies, and she has become a being who delivers God’s revelations to the earth.

No one doubted her existence.

“Yes. Die for my children. If you were that desperate, even the damned God would allow you to die. Isn’t that so?”

Except for one thing, the man in front of her was the one who made Amelia a woman.

At one time, she had thought she was glad that he had noticed that she was an ordinary woman, but now she didn’t know if that was really a good thing.