If A Witch Becomes The Daughter Of The Villainous Duke

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Cecille, the most powerful witch on the continent, met an unfortunate end under the influence of an artifact.

“I have returned to 20 years ago.”

Cecille regressed to the age of eight and became a princess. She abandoned the royal family that had mistreated her and sought someone to protect her. Among the many nobles, the person she chose was none other than…

“The traitor will stop at nothing to find me and set an example. That’s the Bartholomew way.”

The Emperor of the Underworld, a giant of the criminal underworld, the leader of the largest criminal organization in the Empire, the Father of Crime. Duke Bartolomeo, the villainous Duke.

The Duke had only intended to pass through before fleeing abroad.


Her relationships with those who had been enemies before her regression kept getting entangled.

“If the royal family tries to take Cecille away, it will mean war.”

The man who had been her enemy became like a father,

“If I hurt you, I’ll kill you myself, even if you’re the emperor.”

The brilliant wizard became her brother.

“I will be the sibling you want. What kind of brother do you want?”

The greatest swordsman in the empire became her sibling.

“For you, I’m willing to give up my mission, my prophecy, everything.”

The holy knight was ready to sacrifice everything for Cecille.

“Yes, if being a witch means enchanting people, I’ll do anything to survive.”