The Impact Of The Villainess’ Fake Marriage On The Ending

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It’s been eight years since she possessed Adeline, the ‘villainess’ in a book called 〈 Beyond Orange 〉.
In order to end this tiresome possession, she tried to create the ending of being killed by the male protagonist—exactly as the book says.

However, at the masquerade ball where the male and female protagonists should fall in love, the male protagonist asked Adeline for a dance?
The male protagonist, whom she should never be involved with, is interested in Adeline, and even offered her a contract marriage…


Although she even lied to the male protagonist, who doesn’t seem to intend to act the way he did in the original work, saying that he would die if he married her,


But the moment Adeline turned around, Kael’s low, abating voice caught her.

“If there is not the slightest lie in what you said.”
“I will make you my wife, by all means.”

Something was going astonishingly wrong.